sl-1Sending an email is fast and almost a reflex for most people!  You really won’t find any other way to quickly populate any website than Blogsten!!   If you can send an email, you can add content in a flash.   Blogsten is built with ordinary folks in mind but has many features that make it powerful enough to cater a diverse set of needs.   Try it out and see for yourself!!

sl-2Have you ever noticed that you can’t get your users to add content by logging in and  using the normal method to add an article?  We noticed this running a professional community based website and decided that our “busy members” would never add their content in this manner.  Blogsten was created to make it truly simple to capture content that you want on your site.  

Your users can use email or texting to add content.  How much more simple can it get?

sl-3Currently Blogsten works with Joomla content, K2 Content, Kuena and EasyBlog.  Specify where you’d like your content to end up and send an email and wah lah, you’ve got new content for one of these components!!

Blogsten is built around plugins.  These plugins will parse the email content and bring it to the categories setup in the component specified.  New plugins can be developed by your developer or let us do it for you.

sl-4Blogsten is a new fork of the popular PowerMail for Joomla.  We re-wrote the code base to be compatible with the changes happening in Joomla and then we took all of the features of PowerMail and packed in new features that users were requesting.