blogsten box pluginsBlogsten is an enterprise level fork of PowerMail Pro which has transformed the way in which Joomla admins can populate content and monitor their sites.  

First and foremost, Blogsten takes the support for Joomla components to a new level with the ability to send rich email content directly to K2, Joomla articles, Kuena and EasyBlog.  You can directly email, SMS or MMS your content to your site including photos, html and attachments.


As an administrator, maintain complete control over your site as you receive an alert email everytime content is submitted to your site.  You can easily unpublish, publish, feature or delete any content directly from your email inbox with the click of a button!  You can also allow your users to blog easily without having to login to any website.  If you like, they receive an alert when their mail is received as well.  Publish control for them is optional.