connect emailBlogsten connects an email account easily to your Joomla site and to different components as you desire!  

First, decide if you'd like to use one email or multiple emails for your site.  

The advantage of using one email is that there is only one email address to remember.  Once you setup this email address, you choose a base category and plugin for any emailed content to land in when Blogsten brings it to the site.  If this is where you want all email sent to the site to end up, you're finished and start blogging!  However, if you wish for the email to end up in different categories depending on the user, then you simply specify for a certain category for each user.  Then when that user sends their content, the email will be placed in the certain plugin and category that you specified.

A second way of setting up your email in Blogsten is to have multiple different email accounts setup in the Blogsten account area.  Each email can be associated with a different plugin or Joomla component and category.  With no other changes, when any user sends an email to this address, the content will end up in the specified area.  You can still override this if you wish by specifying for a certain user which site the content should be placed in.

Using PowerTags, you can override all of the above specifications and place any email into any area that you wish.  The powertag code must be in the email and the user sending the email must be specified as a PowerUser.