tagThere are many powertags that can be used by a poweruser. Two additional tags, {readmore} and {end} are available to all users. The following include the syntax and usage. 

{alias NAME} Place the name of the author overriding the default

{publish_up YYYY-MM-DD} This will populate the publishing on date 
{publish_down YYYY-MM-DD} This will turn the article off on the specifed date
{timespan x} This will automatically publish the content only for the specified number of days (x=number of days to publish)


{state 0} Article will be unpublished 
{state 1} Article will be published 
{state -1} Article is expired 
{state -2} Article is in the trash

Please note that the default state for a poweruser is for an 'unpublished' state unless overridden with the above tags. This forces a poweruser to always think and decide whether to turn on or off the publishing state for each email sent.

{frontpage} Article will be on the frontpage 

{catid xx} Replace the xx with the desired category id 

{metakey xx} Replace the xx with the desired meta keywords for the article 
{metadesc xx} Replace the xx with the desired meta description for the article 

{tags x,x,x} This tag will add one or multiple tags to Joomla, K2 and Easyblog entries depending on which plugin is used. Specify multiple tags by separating them with a comma. 

{access x} Article will be only viewed by level of access that you specify. In this case, x should specify the id for the level of access of public, registered, special or other defined access level.

{plugin xx} To specify which Blogsten plugin from within the email, you simply put the name of the plugin you desire. e.g. {plugin k2} or {plugin easyblog}

{plgcat xx xx} To specify the plugin category, you must put the plugin name and the category - e.g. {plgcat k2 myblog} where k2 is the plugin name and myblog is the k2 category

Global tags Please note that these tags are available to all users (even for a non-poweruser.) 
{readmore} Text before will be introtext and after will be fulltext. 
{end} This tag will truncate all content of the email after the tag so that it will not be received. It is helpful for unwanted footers.